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Red Bull Music Breaktime Sessions

Mobile App & Website

We were approached by Red Bull Brazil to create a revamped experience for their University Band contest - BreakTime Sessions.

We’ve created not only a website for all the band signups/shows but also a Tinder-like app to help people find members for their bands.

Crumbs - City Trails

Mobile App

We’ve built Crumbs, a treasure hunt Mobile App that allows you to explore cities in a fun new way.

It’s a digital version of the classic treasure hunt geared towards exploring cities.

Iogurteria do Bairro


We’ve helped Ioguerteria do Bairro build the company website for their frozen yoghurt offering.

Iogurteria do Bairro was recently featured and funded on the Portuguese Shark Tank TV-Show.

Red Bull MO44


We’ve helped Red Bull Portugal build a racing game within the context of the MotoGP2.

You can race as Miguel Oliveira (a Portuguese and Red Bull sponsored MotoGP2 racer) and win prizes that go from merchandising to an all expenses paid trip to see a live race.

Quill Project

Mobile App

We’ve helped build Quill, a communication platform for teams largely without desks, and email to communicate at work.

Quill is a Mobile App with a bit of Slack and Instagram in it and is used in teams in the Hospitality, Retail and Manufacting verticals.

Theratec TherApp

Mobile App & Website

We’ve helped Theratec build a platform for physical rehabilitation connecting physical therapists and patients.

The platform features a backoffice and a Mobile App with motion device integration for the prescribed exercises.

Quovadis Lisboa

Mobile App & Website

A digital guide for the analog religious tourism.

Walk the walk, see the sights and enjoy churches, events and liturgies in the Lisbon metro area!

Doctor Frank


We’ve mixed our best herbs and designed and built Doctor Frank’s website.

Baked with the right amount of marijuana awareness information and a dash of topical articles to ease your mind.

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